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Our Symbol: AYA (ah-yah) is an Adinkra Symbol., a symbol of the fern plant. For the Akan of Ghana, it stands for Independence, Resourcefulness & Endurance.

These point to the goals and the process of our educational courses, projects and services.

Our mission: to provide educational services for children, youth and adults that facilitate Africans and Africans in the Diaspora developing

  • A HIGH motivation to achieve academically and socially based on a clear African identity and commitment to serve the African community first
  • A track record of demonstrable academic and social excellence
  • A HIGH degree of self love, cultural love, people-hood consciousness and active extension for African economic and political strength
  • A ZERO degree of dependency on those that have and continue to oppress us.

AYA programs immerse students, parents and other adults in an African-centered academic and social environment that is rich in our past and culture. The assessments, instruction and activities are designed to prepare them to excel academically and socially. These tools enable them to succeed in their current and future responsibilities to themselves, their families, our community, our people and the world (in that order).


Woven into the instruction, the field trips, weekend activities and homework are African-centered memory and learning acceleration techniques in the tradition of African “Griots.”

Feelings As Messengers (FAM).

Kumbuka (Ki-Swahili for remember) is but one of the ways that teachers who are versed in African cultural strengths teach them how to recognize and use those strengths to excel even when their weekday school teachers are teaching to the cultural strengths of others. One of the key cultural strengths is what Dr. Kobi Kambon of FAMU calls “feeling in cognition.” 

You will call it miraculous as your daughters and sons discover how to use emotion to help them succeed in areas as diverse as mathematics, communications, science and relationships. 

Education and Social Dev. Over Oppression!

Just because our children don't talk about racism or other forms of oppression, they observe and experience, doesn’t mean they don’t feel the affects of oppression.