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Registration Page for NGOLO/

Saturday Shules (Schools)


Saturday Shules (Schools)

Tuition & FEES

Each Unit is 2-month long. Paying by unit (2 months)

For this March & April unit (1-4th Saturdays 2004)
Fees: Registration and Materials: $49.00
Tuition: $198.00
Registration + March & April Payment:  $247.00

Paying Monthly
Tuition monthly: $109 per month, not $99.00

Fees: Registration and Materials: $49.00
Registration + March payment:  $148.00

April Payment:  $109.00

If registering mid month call for more information or special arrangements

Please also submit student information form (Hold My Space) at end of this page.


Pay Reg. + March & April Tuition:  $247.00


Pay Registration Fee: $49.00

Pay Fee on Monthly Basis: $109


Special Arrangements Click below, if you have made special arrangements with Afiya or Wekesa.