Jamal Traylor

Nga ban, Parents,

Thank you for your support of AYA’s MOYO Sat. Shule. Our first 2 months have come and gone. We’ve continued to refine our process and are more settled in to our new building. It’s time for our students to raise the roof!

We have set Sat. Dec. 13th (10am -12pm) for all students in both NGOLO and MOYO shules tol demonstrate to parents and community what they’ve learned and accomplished. To facilitate this and to create increased motivation, we’ve assigned each MOYO student demonstration projects that will require them to develop new skills and will reinforce other language arts and math skills.
Please support them in making their projects successful.. Projects are:

* Omowale’s Bridge In 1964 Omowale (Malcolm X) returned from Africa with a realization: “In the minds of our people, Africa is too far away. We need to build a bridge between our people there and our people here.” MOYO students are asked to build a bridge of toothpicks and wood glue. It should be able to hold 1-3 kilograms of weight. It will be stress-tested. Each toothpick in the bridge must symbolize what’s needed to build a bridge between Africans on the Continent and Africans in the Diaspora. Academic pathways which can be explored: math, physics, language arts, social studies, international relations, nation building.

* The Tekhen (Obelisk). Students are asked to research and report on the mystery, history, math and path of the Tekhen. Mystery: why did we create the Tekhen? History: what is OurStory about it? What messages are hidden within the Kemitic (hieroglyphic) script our ancestors left for us to decipher? What is the math of its creation, construction, and erection?
Academic pathways: math, history, language arts, social studies, international relations.

* Web Design & Internet Radio (Communications projects)
Students will create personal pages from native HTML and will use Microsoft’s Front Page or other major web design software to design a web site that will tell the story of of Omowales’ Bridge and the Tekhen. Members of the Web Design team will be required to interview other project members to better decide how they might use the web to tell the story. The web team will also create an interactive site for the team members to facilitate mid-week Internet collaboration. Web Design team photographs, writings and design work will remain for public view for the rest of the year.



Dec. 13th Demonstration!