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You promised that you wouldn’t.  Now, you’re putting your children in the same situation your parents put you in. How can you make the best of it, and stop the cycle?
Family Relationships
Are you still close?  What happened? What did they do? What did you do? Is the gulf insurmountable? You’ll need more than a Dr. Phil, or Dr. Oz directed boat. Oars made of “shoulds” and “ought-to’s” won’t help either. Try our Seven Steps To Recovery.
When “Elder” is no longer abstract?  General Calendar commands. Whether it is your own or your  parent’s time, a new closeness, a renewed communication is  required. Are you prepared?
Is it just for the holidays and funerals?  is “family” more name and ritual than actual love that you can feel all year long? Whether old or new, it’s yours to fix. Your children or future depends on it. Feel The Flow / H.O.W. can help.
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