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Personal Growth - People Growth
Personal Growth - People Growth  We’re alienated to serve aliens. 
If our personal growth is not people growth; If it’s not growth so that we become “responsible handlers of power,” then it’s not personal growth; it’s continued manipulation.
The Feel The Flow  Marathon is designed to help you discover and remove the alien implants that so limit our being all that we can be.
When you want much more than “personal affirmations,” more than Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Judge Judy or Jerry Springer, we give you Amos Wilson’s “Force to Manipulation” in a way that will get you to take action now. Pills, food, men, women, shopping, weed, academics, the job, the business - What’s yours? When these escapist fantasies are no longer sufficient, try reality. The reality that you are enough. A couple of questions to prime the pump for the Marathon: Who conferred man-hood or woman-hood status onto you? If you’re young, who do you look to for man-hood and woman-hood?
Bonus: Seven Steps To Recovery!
So why is this mirror here?
Click to see. We’ll have “real mirrors” at the Marathon.
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