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Intimate Relationships
Words are power Looks are power They can heal or they can kill, they cannot be neutral.
War-Zone Do your conversations too often end up as war zones? Do you both wonder sometimes: “How did we get here?“ “How did it come to this?” “How can I stop myself”
Touches Lovin’ not what it used to be, or ought to be? When swapping pictures, XXX videos, and a trip to Toys-R-Us won’t turn that flicker to a flame, then try another approach. Try: The River of Touches- the real touch that facilitates all other touches. It’s healing touch deep down. Don’t be in a hurry when you come to the river. You’re gonna be here a while. When you drink deeply from The River, escapist fantasies will hold no lore, the reality of realizing the “Promise” will be far too sweet.
Intimate Relationships
Love-Zone or War-Zone?
Love-Zone Is it working? Are things going well? Congratulations. It’s just wonderful when every thing just clicks. How do you plan to keep it going? How will you make the magic last for more than just one night, one season. Relationship stamina takes a lot more than tolera- tion & compromise. Got skills?
Intimacy and Oppression? Oppression alienates you from yourself. How intimate you are with yourself will determine how authentic and intimate you can be with others.
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